Unique Recipes with Ginger and Sourdough Flavors [Webinar]

It’s your chance to learn unique recipes from California Raisins. Ginger and sourdough are two flavors of the year for 2021.

Learn about:

  • Sourdough English Muffins with California Raisins served with California Raising Apple Spread
  • Ginger – California Raisin Honey Brioche
  • Fresh Ginger bread with California Raisins

Presented by: Raisin Administrative Committee on January 16, 2021 Facebook Live

Mentored by: Dr. Klaus Tengergen & Dr. Priscila Santiago

Presented to you by California Raisins, PSB and Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc.

Preregister with PSB or FCBAI Secretariat. To get access, kindly message Ms. Gilvie Atipongan.