We are the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association

We are a non-stock, non-profit corporation advocating the sustainability of quality, nutritious food products affordable to the people.
Our history

Our Mission and Vision

We are a non-stock, non-profit corporation in the service of the Philippines' baking industry. We organize events, seminars and workshops for professional bakers and baking enthusiasts with the following goals:


To aid in the advancement and growth of all baking practitioners.


To be able to quickly adapt to more sophisticated consumer tastes.


To be sustainable and competitive both in the local and international market.

We host workshops for the growth of baking practitioners.


Kid's Baking

Letting children express their creativity through baking and have fun with fellow friends.
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Teens Baking

Letting our teens enhance their skills, learn something new and interact with fellow peers.
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Other Workshops

Baking demonstrations, workshops and seminars. There's always something new to discover!
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We are the group behind Bakery Fair

Baking in the Philippines has grown into a large industry that provides greater business and employment opportunities. Primarily traditional in nature, what used to be a small and unpopular sector has continuously flourished today as it welcomes and embraces technology and culinary trends.

Bakery Fair is the international Exhibition on Bakery, Confectionery, and Foodservice Equipment and Supplies organized by Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association every two years. This event is a one-stop destination for all baking practitioners and baking enthusiasts alike.

Last Bakery Fair 2019, we witnessed 60 cake displays in the lobby of the World Trade Center, and showcased approximately 200 booths featuring everything baking related – from equipments, supplies, trainings, and services.

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Bakery Members

Always aiming for advancement, growth and sustainability. View the list of FCBAI’s Bakery Members.

Bakery Members

Allied Members

Fellow advocates of quality, nutritious food products. View the list of FCBAI’s Allied Members.

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News and Events

Bakery Fair is an international exhibition on bakery, confectionery, and foodservice equipment and supplies.

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